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Series – A serious and different film

Aghazadeh series is one of the newest series that currently being broadcast.This series is a product of Iran and each episode is one hour. The series begins with the release of a girl from prison. The protagonist, a girl, has two different names and characters in the film. These days, when the corona virus keeps everyone at home, the best way to have fun is to watch interesting series and movies. So far, this series has been able to satisfy its audience

Serial summary

series tells the story of the marginal life of an . who has achieved all his desires by relying on her father’s money and political position, and whose ambition knows no bounds, seeks to take bigger steps by engaging in immoral squabbles and circumventing the law.
The boy’s father also intends to become interior minister by conspiracy…

serial aghazadeh part 20


Genre: Social, Drama
Made in Iran
Movie language: Persian
Duration of each episode: about one hour
Year of production: 1398
Audience: ‌Over 13 years old

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serial aghazadeh

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