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serial del part 39

Serial Del Part 39

Del Serial

The series “Del”, which has recently been broadcast on the Iranian home network, is one of the most attractive and popular series these days. This series has created the characters of the story by using Turkish serials. In this series, all the roles in the film are rich people who have a palace and ride in expensive cars. The filming of houses and cars is as if the director wanted to portray their luxury. However, with all these problems, this series is one of the most popular series.

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Serial summary

The series “Del” is a love story and drama that narrates the path and bitter adventures of a couple. This series is the story of a girl and a boy who intend to get married to each other. But on their wedding night, the bride suddenly disappears from the barber shop and …

About Del Series

Serial type: social, romantic
Made in Iran
Year of construction: 1397
Movie language: Persian
Duration of each episode: about one hour
Director: Manouchehr Hadi
Actors: Sara Bayat, Mohammad Reza Golzar, Nasrin Moghanloo, Saeed Rad, Hamed Behdad, Bahareh Kian Afshar, Afsaneh Baygan, Mehraveh Sharifinia, Bijan Amkanian

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